UEC Foundation

foundation goals.

The foundation will look: To advance the education of the public in general (and particularly amongst disadvantaged communities) on the subject of financial literacy and personal economics.

% of UEC profits will be channeled into the operation of the foundation.

To prevent or relieve poverty through undertaking and supporting development of entrepreneurship and financial literacy to mitigate the factors that contribute to poverty.



A commercial minded foundation CEO. With a unique background as a transformational and sustainability leader. With a consistent track record of delivering programmes that have driven positive financial and cultural benefits, within Axa Insurance, General Electric, Lloyds of London. With over 20 years of experience across the financial, charitable and motor industries, including working with the UK/EU governments and holding a number of trustee and board positions. By challenging the status quo Truska believes that environmental sustainability and investment can transform 21st century business. Embracing sustainability drives innovation, allowing companies to diversify opening up new markets and commercial opportunities.